10 simple video lessons

that will teach you how toclear your mind, training your body.

short exercises to fit in super-busy schedules

wide range of benefits, from stress reduction to improved focus

simple tips to apply to your everyday life

Shi Xing Mi

32nd generation Shaolin Master

Born in Italy but with mixed European origins, studies Kung Fu WuShu (Chinese martial arts) since age 13 and Chan (Shaolin philosophy) since age 18. Disciple of Grand Master Shi De Yang, has been officially nominated secular warrior monk of the 32nd Shaolin generation, monastic name Xing Mi.

He has spent many study stays in Shaolin spanning a period of over 15 years, becoming one of the very few real western Shaolin Sujiadizi Wuseng. In the meantime he has also completed a double major university degree, in economics and philosophy.

He has taught the Shaolin disciplines in various fields and numerous countries, utilizing his unique eastern and western cultural and professional background. Shi Xing Mi has been the protagonist of many magazine and newspaper articles (see News | Press), numerous international events and several television documentaries (BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney XD, Italia1, CCTV).

Shi Xing Mi

Find your balance

Improve the connection between your body and your mind, be mindful about yourself and others

Stressed out?

Improve your body strength and release the stress trapped in your body, getting a full charge of Fresh Energy

Leave bad habits

Change your life one small step at a time. It’s simple, if you know how to do it!

the voice
of others

Shi Xing Mi has a great mind and a very inspirational story. This program is a great contribution to making our outer world more peaceful and our inner – more rich and adventurous.

Extremely well explained – even difficult exercises. Amazingly simplified complex teachings in a way that anyone can understand – specially the mind part.

Congratulations on this magnificent and innovative project and a great example of how the wisdom of the Shaolin Temple continues to exist in our days.

Having a sedentary lifestyle, the course has helped my overall fitness and the lectures are inspiring.


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